Client Feedback

“I feel so much more together.  I feel I’m making more sense to myself.  I feel more quiet inside and don’t have the constant chatter in my head.  I feel there are so many things connected that were in disarray before.”  Mary M.

“My mom came home in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. She said she was doing everything so slow and mellowed, LOOOVED it.”  MT

“I LOVED my session too, your voice is like a warm blanket, and your treatment is incredible.”  Morgan T.

“Everyone should do this! After a zero balancing session with you my body feels weightless, my heart full and my head clear. I don’t know how it works and I don’t want to–it’s simply amazing!”  Colleen B

Cyndy Shaw is truly an amazing practitioner; compassionate, conscientious, loving and present. I am grateful to have found her and to have benefited from her extraordinary Zero Balancing treatments. I have long been a massage proponent but have found that I feel as relaxed, centered and rejuvenated from a ZB treatment and have the added benefit of the ZB technique.  It’s kind of like getting 2 for 1. 🙂  I love the way I feel after every session.  So grateful, thank you Cyndy.”  Connie Mercurio

“That was really great and I felt centered the rest of the day.. and slept great!”

“I totally love ZB and the balancing affects it has on my body.  It is a very relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. Cyndy takes her time to become present and available to your needs and what you want to work on. She has a great touch and her energy is very healing. This is a healing modality that I will continue to use in the future!” Tiffany Sanborn

“Thank you so much for my special treat. As I told you after my session yesterday, I felt weightless, similar to my experience floating in the Dead Sea. I have tried to keep that sense of calm and tranquility with me and I find myself aware of a newer inner peace. You have magic hands.” Marjorie T

“Cyndy is a gifted energy worker and wellness professional”  A. K. S

“I had a great experience! It was my first time experiencing zero balancing, and it was the relaxation that I needed mentally and physically! Cyndy is amazing at what she does, and she is personable yet professional. I highly recommend Equinox Healing Therapies!” Raechel M.