Barbara Hand

Licensed Psychologist-Master, Advanced Reiki Practitioner
Shamanic Energy Healer, Advanced Akashic Records Reader

Barbara has made the integration of psychology, Eastern and other esoteric practices a lifelong pursuit in order to become a more conscious and effective healer.  At Equinox Healing Therapies, she offers the individual a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Barbara is a licensed Psychologist – Master.  She received a BS in Psychology from Tufts University and an MA from Antioch University.  She has worked at United Counseling Service and in Independent Practice in Manchester since 1985.

Energy Medicine
In order to pursue a deeper understanding of life and service, Barbara studied Reiki at the John Harvey Grey Center and was certified as a Shamanic healer by The Four Winds Society. These energy medicine practices seek to locate the root of the individual’s health issues, to reverse it in the energy field and then in the body. The treatment is respectful and non-invasive. A deeper healing of mental, emotional, and physical distress is achieved while elevating the consciousness of the client.

The Akashic Records
The Akashic Records are an integral part of the medicine. The Akasha (the Sanskrit word for primary substance) is that etheric field, existing in the universe, that holds all impressions and vibrations of what is, what was, and what can be for every soul. In the Bible it is called The Book of Life. With the client’s permission, her/his Records are accessed and treatment is individualized to the person’s own needs.

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